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A Level Maths Tutoring

The lessons offered are in blended mode with Private and small group options. A Level Maths teachers in Dubai are trained and licensed and teach the maths specifications with an emphasis on Paper corrections, Marking scheme based evaluation, assessments, teaching modules, maths lesson plans as per Edexcel / CIE / AQA board specifications. Besides teaching the topics/concepts, the Dubai tutoring conduct practice sessions that have exam-style questions, weekly tests/evaluations, regular homework and test corrections with grading. This continuous evaluation technique helps students/parents in Dubai to keep track of their academic progress in AS-A level portions.

AS-A Level tutors also offer a foundation maths programme that covers Trigonometry, Differentiation, Integration, Vectors and Statistics. This helps to bridge the gap between A Levels and IGCSE / GCSE.

The AS-A Level tutors in Dubai offer their tuition services to students from reputed A level schools such as Dubai College (DC), Jumeirah College (JC), English College (EC), Winchester school, Dubai British School (DBS), Dubai English Speaking School DESC), Cambridge school, housecat school, Regent school, British Council students, Homeschooling students etc

AS-A Level tutors in Dubai offer Fast Track AS-A level Maths courses for students who need a head start or want to cover maths portions at a faster pace. There are many students from India, EU, and the UK who attend our courses to speed up their AS-A level Maths preparation.

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